My Personal Story

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My personal transformation was a long one, and many times I tripped up, stepped back, and had to start again. This is exactly what inspired me to develop a holistic program to make the journey easier for others.

With 2 children, a sedentary lifestyle and an unhappy marriage, I was facing a multitude of issues, my constant battle with weight being just one of them. I was taking a plethora of medication to address my various allergies and was becoming increasingly aware of severe discomforts such as bad digestion, excessively painful periods, facial acne and recurring sinus infections.

One day, I simply got fed up of it all. This was my turning point.

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Where to start?

My list of complaints was a long one: seasonal allergies requiring year-round antihistamines, a sun allergy, an increasing list of food sensitivities, bad digestion, recurring sinus infections, painful ovulation, facial acne, low energy, and, of course, the ever-increasing extra pounds that I just couldn’t seem to lose were keeping me overweight.

I wanted to do something about it all, but was overwhelmed, unhappy, and couldn’t figure out where to start.

One day, I simply started going for a walk after dropping my daughters off at school. This created the momentum for everything that was to come.

From there, I started changing how I ate. I had no formal training yet, so I did what I could, cutting out the junk, and found myself almost 20lbs lighter after 6 months. I might have been skinnier, but I didn’t like how my body looked and felt, so I started working with a personal trainer at the gym. This was completely out of my comfort zone as I had never been in a gym before.

Weight training did wonders not just for my body, but also for my mind. I was starting to feel better, and this opened my curiosity for optimising my body and my mind. I picked up my studies in nutrition, health and exercise and began my career pivot into health coaching.

My career took me into a private gym, running personal transformation programs, creating nutrition plans and doing personal training for one-on-one clients.

As I worked, I continued to pursue my own education, learning from leading experts around the world. My own life and body changed significantly during this time, and I soon realised that the work I was doing at the gym was no longer in line with my values.

By this time, I had gone through a deep transformation. I eliminated seasonal allergies and got rid of my acne and menstrual issues. My digestive problems disappeared, I could enjoy the sun, and I never had another sinus infection again. My body was strong and toned, and the extra pounds were gone.

Much more importantly, my daughters saw a mother who was happy and healthy. With my newfound strength, I could leave my unhappy marriage and start out on a new adventure.

I created my own business, developing a program that is in line with my values, and that caters to clients who I absolutely love working with. Today, the difference that I can make, and the happiness and transformation I see in my clients, brings me a fulfillment I could only have dreamed of before.


So, are you ready for your own transformation?

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My Professional Journey

I come from a psychology background, having studied Psychology and Criminology, followed by Family Studies at university.

Taking Measurements

My interest in health began later in life, when I had my ‘fed up’ moment and decided to make a significant change to my lifestyle. I started my training at the CHEK Institute — Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology.

Here I completed:

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach certification
  • Advanced Exercise Coach certification
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I then wanted to deepen my knowledge further, so I attended the Institute of Functional Medicine, completing:

  • Health Coach certification
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • My particular interest is hormonal balance so I took the Hormone Practice Module which was designed for clinicians
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Various other trainings and certifications complete my expertise, and I strive to always stay at the cutting edge of my profession by updating my knowledge and tools regularly.

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