A simple answer to this question is your thorough knowledge of your subject matter. I had been previously to two nutritionists recommended by doctors here in Belgium. I had one appointment with each and never went back because I felt I knew more about nutrition and my body than they did. Neither could get beyond the fact that I don’t eat like a traditional Belgian, i.e. bread with something on it morning and evening and a hot meal at lunch. The fact that I cook Thai, Italian, Chinese, Indian and American in one week sort of threw them. Plus they viewed nutrition as a sort of stand alone issue and did not wish to address other issues that affect our eating besides hunger.

You, Janice, on the other hand, realise that nutrition is just one part of our overall health. The fact that you approach health in a holistic manner sets you apart. By looking at my life as a whole: stress factors, sleep patterns, travel, age related hormonal changes, exercise and diet, we have been able to address my nutritional needs as a lifestyle change rather than simply what I put into my mouth.

Thank you! I feel like a different person from 3 months ago.